So many are interested in leather products such as stingray leather handbags, stingray leather wallets, stingray ray bracelets, original custom cow leather bracelet, leather belt leather belts make leather craft business increasingly heavily grown in Indonesia. So from that if you are currently looking for a leather bag, the best recommendation is Blaxton Bags. You can directly visit the website at to find various models of bags according to your wishes.


Apart from that, the problem arises that is how to check and distinguish genuine skin and false skin? Well here are 3 easy steps to differentiate it!

1. The genuine leather has a distinctive odor
Once the goods are held by consumers who want to buy genuine leather bags, they will feel the skin is genuine or not from the smell comes from the leather. The smell or smell of the genuine leather has a very distinctive smell like the original animal’s smell. While the fake leather, usually smells like rubber, plastic, and chemicals.

2. Original leather has a less flat texture
Original leather usually has a texture that is not the same or in other words there is usually a wrinkle because initially there are pores where the growth of feathers. Different story if the products that use fake leather base materials, which usually the texture is the same or smooth and neat.

3. Genuine leather has resistance to fire
The third way out of 3 ways to distinguish real skin and fake skin is by burning it. The original skin has fire resistance, try to test by burning products like your stingray leather bracelet, and guaranteed not to burn, because the original skin resilience is very high let alone the skin of stingrays. In contrast with imitation leather, when the skin is burned, it will burn and smell plastic, chemicals, vinyl.