Behind the many mugs on the market, friends must also be smart and observant in choosing a quality mug even cheap mug prices. Even though the price of the mug is slightly more expensive, meticulous is the thing to do good friends. Apart from that, don’t forget to also take a look at the best insulated coffee mug with handle.

Below we provide tips / how to choose a quality mug, including the following:

Check MUG Surfaces

Before buying, friends must check the surface of the mug first, by way of touching. If the surface of the mug is visible there is a small nodule / like a small pimple, it means the quality of mugs is not good. And if under the surface of the mug a little pupil/tercel better choose another mug well.

Choose White Basic Color Mug

It depends on taste. When friends decide to choose a basic white color mug, the thing you should do is avoid mugs that are colored slightly yellow, not for any reason, this is so that your plain white mug is more pleasing to the eye, looks new, and does not look dull but it also certainly attract more buyers.

Select the licensed brand of the Mug And Safe Material

It is said the licensed mug when the shape is in accordance standard, has a flat surface, strong, smooth if held, and look elegant. As well as note the mug also well! if you need for warm drinks better use ceramic-based mugs, if for ordinary mineral water / cold water can use mugs with plastic materials / stainless.

Select Coating Mug

To find out the quality of the coating, you can attach the tape to the coating mug. Let a few minutes and release, if the coating comes off means the quality of the coating is very bad. We once encountered such mugs so the image is very prone to peeling alias is not durable. In addition, you can also perform tests using nails. Try scratch using nails, if not scratched then the coating is good. By using a mug that has a quality coating then the results will be durable and durable and not easily faded.