Although there is a saying that if patience is limitless, in reality, we may be angry if something bad happens to us. Indeed, anger can be a natural thing and can even make us release a variety of pent-up negative emotions. Unfortunately, for health experts, it helps us better to hold anger because if we include people who are easily angered, there is a tendency we will be at risk of heart disease.

This fact is obtained from research conducted in Canada and the results are published in the journal Circulation. From this study, it is known that when we are often angry or upset, then the risk of heart disease or stroke can increase up to 80 percent. Health expert Dr Andrew Smyth who came from McMaster University said if the emotions that arise when angry or upset can trigger a blockage of blood flow to the heart to the area of the brain. For this reason, anger can also trigger bleeding in the brain, bladder infections, and extreme fatigue in the long run.

When we are angry, the body also changes the balance of hormone levels that can make an increase in adrenaline levels that trigger the faster heart rate, increased blood pressure, as well as body temperature. If this happens suddenly, then the body will experience a decrease in health and increase the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Another study, published in the European Hearth Journal, says that if we get angry easily, we will also tend to die at a younger age when compared to those who are more patient and less prone to their emotions. This means, it’s good it should be better in training our emotions to be more patient in dealing with various things so as not easily affected by the disease.