If you still use asbestos as material in some parts of your house, then you must replace it or at least you know how to not always be exposed to the asbestos dust. The research reveals that dust from asbestos is very harmful to health. You can use the services of Asbestos Removed to help remove dust and various harmful substances that exist in asbestos in your home or office.

If you cannot replace the material, then you can control the risk of exposure to asbestos. you can find out the use of asbestos has various risks of dangerous diseases. For that, need to anticipate that you and others can avoid exposure to the asbestos fibers. Below are some of the efforts you can do to avoid that

1. Replace material containing asbestos with safer material for building construction with the other materials that more safe.

2. Equip yourself with safety equipment such as masks, gloves, glasses, changing clothes when doing work that requires direct contact with asbestos.

3. Perform replacement of damaged asbestos material with a new one to reduce exposure to dust that could be exposed to your own shirt or skin.

4. To avoid the occurrence of asbestos fiber release, asbestos should be painted first before installing in some parts of your office or home.

5. Perform watering of asbestos material during and after work that requires you to make direct contact with asbestos. This method is done so that the dust that attaches to the asbestos is not too much about your clothes or skin.

6. Avoid burning asbestos waste or dispose of the waste in a special manner to avoid someone or even yourself exposed to substances or dust from the exposure to asbestos. this will be a dangerous and serious disease if left alone and affected by everyone.