Bungee jumping is definitely not a sport for the faint of heart. If you watch the queue of people waiting for the bungee to jump, you’ll be surprised how many of them come back at the last moment. Falling from high places is the most frightening scenario for many people. You will feel like you are in the sky because gravity will not work. However, if you can stomach your fears and allow yourself to take that first leap, you will find that it is one of the most full of adrenaline and extreme activities. Most people, after their first jump, can not help but come back for a more rushed adrenaline rush.

You may be familiar with the concept of bungee jumping, but here is a brief recap just in case: a very strong and very elastic strap attached to the ankle jumper. He or she then jumps off the jumping point and free-falls with stretch strap capacities. The jumper cable jerked back, and he kept falling again and getting jerked back again. This process is repeated until the jumper has stopped bouncing. Being jerked up does not sound very fun, but the truth is that it’s ridiculously interesting.

Although it looks dangerous, bungee jumping may have a slight number of accidents compared to any of the other extreme sports. This is because it requires no experience and no expertise. All you have to do is jump, and you’ll have a good time falling and screaming on the way down. Most people worry about one of two things. The first is that the string will snap. This is not a problem, as all bungee jumping commercial straps pass a rigorous quality test to ensure your safety. The second thing that people worry about is that they will swing down and hit the wall. This can be minimised by bungee jumping operators who can have bungee jumping platforms away from the rocks. If you are going to your own help without any professional then you need to be very careful and keep away from the cliff.