After finding a restaurant that is representative enough for the tour group, it’s a good idea to choose a menu that suits the tastes of the participants. Don’t over-force your favorite menu especially if there are participants who are allergic to your favorite foods. This can be a problem later because participants are disappointed with your menu choices. Apart from that, check out best brunch dc by the time you’re traveling alone or with fewer people.

If there are participants who are allergic to certain foods, it’s a good idea to ask the participants the alternative menu. So that everyone can enjoy food at the same meal. For example, there is a vegetarian participant in your group, must be prepared an animal-free vegetarian menu. This must be coordinated with the restaurant you have chosen.

Find information/recommendations from those who have tasted

Although the budget is appropriate, the location is in line with the tourist route, the menu is varied, you still have to find information/recommendations on those who have tasted. What are the disadvantages and advantages of the restaurant? So that you can prepare a food menu and good service for all participants.

In a series of tour trips, it’s a good idea to try the regional specialties. Indirectly, this will enrich the knowledge of the taste of food from various regions that you have visited. Don’t be afraid to try local foods with flavors that you didn’t know before. For that, you need to look for information/recommendations on those who have tasted.

Place an order in advance

Order your preferred restaurant in advance, accompanied by the DP in accordance with the agreement. This aims to secure your restaurant reservations, especially the space and food menu of your choice. Do not let your place have been taken by other groups because they forgot to give down payment according to the agreement.

To make sure everything is ready when you come, coordinate with the restaurant properly. Inform when your group will arrive at the restaurant on the day of H. And if there is a change in the time immediately inform the restaurant so that the food is well prepared and fresh when you arrive.