Consuming kefir will indeed provide a variety of good health effects. However, please also note that kefir also must be seen from the appropriate portion because with the appropriate portion you can get the benefits that are in it. You can also consume kefir grains to get various benefits for your body.

Many people who have already had the kefir as a drink for each day. This is good for health, but there are some warnings you should know. Like, do not consume kefir with these various drugs.

You can not consume kefir along with various drugs that have side effects to weaken the immune system. This is because it will be at risk of aggravating pain because it will make the body more susceptible to fungus from yeast and bacteria from this milk itself. The drugs include tacrolimus, cyclosporine, azathioprine, and basiliximab.

This is similar to consuming kefir along with disulfiram drugs can cause vomiting, headache, and various other symptoms. The reason, this fermented milk may contain alcohol. Meanwhile, disulfiram has the effect of reducing the body’s ability to break down the alcohol itself into the digestive system.

Basically, although considered and referred to as natural ingredients, milk kefir not always healthy, especially if consumed in excess, always obey instructions use or consult the doctor in finding out the risks and side effects. Always recalls that consuming everything always in portion and measure in order to get the right benefit.

It does not make milk kefir as a bad milk. Even many people who think that milk can have a positive effect on them. However, believe that everything you eat with the right portions and levels can make you healthier and you can also benefit from the milk. because there are also many people who prove that milk kefir is good for their health.