At present, there are certainly many people who use social media. In fact, many people include various personal information on their social media. This is certainly not wrong, but you still have to consider the security of the account. Make sure you have used multi factor authentication to protect your account from various cyber crimes that often occur .

Because on social media there are many people you don’t know, so it’s a good idea to filter out anyone who can enter your social media. In addition, there are some simple tips that you can apply to protect the social media account that you have.

– Create a password of at least 12 characters
Given that passwords are important for opening access to your entire account, take the time to create a long password to make it strong. Make a password of at least 12 characters using a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and characters.

– Don’t use the name and date of birth on the password
Never store your full birth date on Facebook or your social media account, then use it as a password. Because this will certainly make it easier for hackers to hack your social media account.
Plus, never use a boyfriend’s name or anyone’s name as a password.

– Be careful of phishing
Phishing is a method used by hackers to steal passwords by tricking the target using fake login forms (fake login forms) on fake sites that resemble the original site.
On the website, you are usually required to enter a username and password or other online data.
All you have to consider is whether the website is really the website you want to go to or not.

By paying attention to a number of things above, then you can protect your social media account well, or you can also use multi factor authentication so you have multiple protection on your social media account.