Do you like the character that we all know as Simpsons? If you then simply answer yes, you will wonder how to do simpsonize me. Does this sound to be true? Such this picture is also able to choose as the gift, even more, to close person who likes that character. To get the best service, you just need to do the research online or shop around with the referral from trusted people and parties. In general, the Simpsons character has so many facts, but not all people know although they often watch it on TV or another media platform.

The Simpsons legendary animation series is over 27 years old now, maybe it’s older than you are now. In its 27 years of history, there are various unique facts that you might not know. Well, please listen to 7 Facts about The Simpsons that you need to know!

So why is the character of The Simpsons Yellow? Is it because they are sympathizers of certain parties? Nope! Apparently, this was intentionally the creator, Matt Groening, who wanted the people who like to move around the channel to get their attention with a yellow sparkle and stay watching The Simpsons. Smart, too, Matt. ‘

Another thing to know is the name of Bart. Bart’s name is an anagram from Brat aka “stubborn child”. Very simple anagrams and only move one letter. As for Bart’s real name is not that simple, his full name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson. And if every season the characters age increases, it means that Bart’s age should be 34 now!

If you talk about the episodes, then you will be interested in reading this article. It takes more than 6 months to create 1 episode. Meanwhile, if you intend to watch all the episodes that have aired The Simpsons, 574 episodes, starting from season 1 to season 26, you need more than a full week without sleep. Are you able of doing it?