If you want to find a job in this modern period, you must set up your job search strategy. One of the main tools that are still the same is networking or networking. However, one important new development to know is that your network can be maintained through social media. In the present, a job search is even done using social media to stay connected, visible, and involved with your network. For those of you who live in Temora, you can also visit our website and see Temora job board and get a job.

Here are some tips that can help you get a job.

– Take advantage of a Smartphone

Smartphones are an invaluable help in job searches. You can use it to scan documents, send emails, send your application letter. Through a smartphone, you can also use it to develop careers by accessing online courses and programs.

– Higher Education Is Not Always Required

A higher education degree is no longer the only bet that is sure to advance your career. Look at successful people in your industry or career path. Do they have a higher education degree?

– Join career training

Some career coaches prefer to work with clients in the form of groups, rather than just one client. Then form groups and divide the cost of career coaches. You and your group members will eventually get added value from each other in job searches.

– Offer Social Evidence

Social media profiles alone are not enough, you also need concrete evidence of your interactions with others on social media. Do you engage in large conversations in the industry you are in? Have you published a research article? Does your industry recognize your contribution? More than 90% of recruiters check potential candidates on social media. They will be interested in finding you actively involved in the industry you are in, one of which is like when you are praised by clients and colleagues.

– Small is Beautiful

Large companies are not the only choice. Small companies or startups are now increasingly possible. If you have never worked for a small company, you might as well consider becoming a casual worker before becoming an employee there to first test the company’s work culture.