One of the things that people looking for reverse osmosis countertop water filter or cleaners will realize, is that many companies are trying to scare them into making a purchase by showing them how dangerous their water is to their health and their families. Of course, no one wants to allow their families to drink unsafe water, and deluxe portable water purifiers can help provide a safe supply. However, not all units of reverse osmosis countertop water filter work together or have the same level of protection and choosing one can be a sickening experience.

First, consider the amount of water each day will need and the filter size. Also should be considered the filter size used in reverse osmosis countertop water filter, remember the smaller ones are better and in some cases filters with small holes like .4 microns will be required to remove potentially deadly bacteria and viruses from the water as well as those floating pieces metals and other materials. Chances are, if the need for a reverse osmosis countertop water filter due to camping and traveling, no one wants to take the chance on relying on a cleaner to do the job, finding out then the filter size is not small enough to remove all the bacteria. This type of error can be a painful experience and can ruin a good time on the road.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a reverse osmosis countertop water filter is they listen often to hyperbolic expectations of the unit. Their preferred system may be capable of generating up to so many gallons per day, under optimal conditions, but failing to realize that conditions that might not be the same for all are used. Not until they run out of water regularly they realize the reverse osmosis countertop water filter will not meet their needs.