At present, the use of CCTV is indeed a very mandatory thing to use because of the security of the house that must be maintained. CCTV at home will clearly monitor the condition of the house if at any time there is a crime or theft that occurs in the house. For this reason, many homes are now installing CCTV cameras, whether for inside or outside their homes. You can also get it at

A good CCTV camera must have clear and precise picture quality. This will affect the quality of the image recorded on the camera. For that, you also need to know the right tips for choosing the right CCTV camera. In fact, there are several types of CCTV cameras that you must know well. Some types of cameras in question are

1. Outdoor CCTV cameras
If the CCTV camera is used on the outside, then select a special CCTV camera. The difference between an outdoor CCTV camera and an indoor CCTV camera is an outdoor camera that is more able to reduce sunlight and the number of infrared LEDs used in general is more than that of an indoor CCTV camera. All available outdoor CCTV cameras are weatherproof and equipped with protection to withstand sunlight or rainwater or the protector is commonly referred to as a camera hat, you don’t have to buy a housing anymore.

2. Indoor CCTV cameras
If the CCTV camera is used on the inside of the room, the choice is so many, most of the available cameras are used for the interior of the room. The form of CCTV camera that will be installed in the interior of the room must be adjusted to what you want and placement, whether it will be installed on the ceiling, walls or walls, hidden or disguised with other products.

3. Dome camera
This type of camera specifically for ceiling mounted or ceiling and can not be integrated with the rotator, because there is no holder for the CCTV rotator if you want to install a Dome type CCTV camera and can rotate choose the Pan Tilt Dome CCTV Camera.