Technological development has a major influence on every activity carried out by the community. Including for a business activity which of course will feel the impact of this development is extraordinary. Digital marketing has become a trend that is currently being done by some people in the business world. They assume that the digital world will continue to grow along with the times and human needs. That’s why digital marketing is very helpful for every community activity, especially in the process of marketing their business. And for every digital marketing actor, of course, it’s different. Starting from what they do, they observe and from the types of social media that are their favorites. Visit our website and find out about marketing xtreme.


1. The whiz data
For the first type of digital marketing, those who really like how to analyze and manage data from a promotional activity through digital media. They also analyze every data obtained when they send a bid email to customers. 43% of them do testing on anyone who calls to action against the e-mail sent. 50% of this type of digital marketing will analyze for email marketing delivery times. And about 97% will analyze and test about the email subject that really attracts the attention of the reader.

2. The E-Artiste
For the second type are those who like to design how a digital marketing display can be an attraction for anyone who sees it. They prefer to design a display of content that will be published on social media. They will also test how many like visual content rather than just writing. For now, visual content is a considerable attraction for the promotion process in any media. The community prefers an information that is presented in a concise, solid, clear and interesting manner.