As virtual money is widely used for investment, bitcoin is considered a flexible currency. You can get it also in mamooti. With bitcoin, you can invest well and freely without any strict supervision.

Apart from the myths about bitcoin, there are some countries that have used bitcoin for payment. The following are countries that use bitcoin in large quantities.

– United States of America
the first bitcoin user country is the United States. 32% of users and investments in bitcoin are made by US citizens or those domiciled in the country. These investments include trading, wallet, payment, and bitcoin mining. A report from Boston Federal reveals that the owners of the digital currency (cryptocurrency) in the United States chose bitcoin as a means of the transaction for 12 months throughout 2016. While 46% of users who invested in Coinbase / ARK use bitcoin as a transaction tool at least once a year.

– China
The people of this bamboo curtain country are investing 29% of the total bitcoin investment around the world. China is the country that has the greatest impact on the bitcoin market because it has the most exchanges and also countries that have the intelligent technology. China is a country with the largest bitcoin miner in the world. Wallet cryptocurrency has increased from 5.8 million to 11.5 million which is currently still active and working in China. Bitcoin miner gets bitcoin through digital transactions and China has many bitcoin miners because service providers provide security on the transaction and validation of the activity.

– English
Britain is in the third position of the most invested money to bitcoin, which is as much as 16% of total investment in bitcoin.

– South Korea
Bitcoin users in South Korea are not very much, but users in this country have a significant impact on bitcoin values. The remittance companies began to use and mine bitcoins on a large scale that would have a significant impact on bitcoin values.