Now, the vehicle is sure to be what everyone needs. Many people need a vehicle for their mobility. So, many of them end up using escooter for their mobility every day. That way, they can save on fuel costs that usually exist on a regular motor.

However, when choosing a motor, whether electric motor or not, there are some things that are usually a consideration. Some things to consider are

– Needs
The first factor is based on the need to support work activities or just as a regular means of transportation. If macho guys tend to choose motorsport for everyday transportation, make work okay for the road was fun.
If to just bring children to school and trade, it’s not suitable if you use motorsport.

– Technology
After determining the choice of model and type of motor, the next factor is technology embedded in the motor. In general, someone wants a powerful motor and capable of racing faster but must be fuel efficient while the condition of fluctuating fuel prices.
Several years ago this technology may not be much found. But along with the evolving era of various innovations that can meet the needs of consumers.

– Color
It’s not unusual one type of motor has a variety of color variants. Motor manufacturers create a variety of color choices to meet the needs of more heterogeneous Indonesian consumers. Thus, the colors are included in the factors affecting the selection of motors.

– Price
The next factor and the most important is the price. The price of a motor is obviously one of the most important considerations because it is related to financial ability. Although there are credit facilities, it still can not be ruled out. Generally, the rule for the maximum installment is 30 percent of revenue. Please calculate your own, do not let for the sake of having a bike then you sacrifice other expenses.

With all these considerations, it would be better if you choose a regular motor or electric motor that suits the needs and not the desire.