For those of you who like traveling, there may be many areas that you want to visit. One of the areas that visitors will never decline is Lombok lombok property for sale, Indonesia. Although some time ago Lombok was rocked by a series of earthquakes, the interest of tourists to go there never diminished. In fact, Lombok has sustainable tourism development that is ready to improve the economy there.

After being hit by a severe earthquake, Lombok has never lost its fans. In fact, there are still some unique facts about Lombok tourism that you must know.

– Nicknamed an island with 1000 mosques
The Lombok community, which is predominantly Muslim and always diligent in upholding worship, strongly believes that the construction of a mosque is their ticket to heaven. So the construction of a mosque is a normal thing and is fully supported by the community. So it is not surprising if the distance between mosques is very close to being called the island of a thousand mosques.

– Have many tourist villages
For those of you who love cultural tourism, Lombok should be included in your list of travel destinations. Lombok itself is very rich with tourist villages some of which are:
1. Sasak Sade Village, Kab. central Lombok
2. Sasak Ende Village, Kab. central Lombok
3. Banyumulek Village, Kab. West Lombok

– Unique traditions
There is a unique tradition before marriage for the people of Lombok. The groom intentionally kidnaps his bride before the wedding procession takes place. The bride is kidnapped for about seven days and stays at the groom’s house. But the action is not prohibited by the parents of the bride and does not violate the law.

– There are Sasak tribes who are also Javanese
According to the legend which is expressed by the Sasak people, the island of Lombok was discovered by the King of Old Mataram who was a kingdom in Central Java. So it can be concluded that the formation of the Sasak Tribe is a mixture of Javanese ethnicity. This is also evident from the Sasak language which sometimes means the same as Javanese, but different spelling methods.