For movie lovers in theaters, it must remain loyal to watch their favorite movies in the Cinema rather than streaming with fast internet. Even though sometimes, they have to spend a small budget when there is more than one target film that airs in close proximity. Moreover, if we watch together with friends, and they are eyeing another film that is shown at the cinema. Surely we must not be selfish by refusing the invitation of our friends to watch the movie they want. If you already know the Harkins ticket prices, then you can decide which movie to watch either alone or with your loved friends.

In general, we will go to the cinema with friends or family. So, this activity will indirectly further strengthen our relationship with them. For example, during the time before the studio door is opened, we will be able to chat and joke with them. Or, we can take the time to take a walk or eat after or before watching.

Surely you have ever felt while walking around a mall and are confused about what to do, suddenly you are interested in visiting the cinema and choosing one of the films for you to watch. At that time, even though our tastes were different from our friends, there must always be a midpoint in determining the film. Well here, we learn to reduce each other’s egos and prefer to enjoy togetherness with friends even though maybe the chosen film doesn’t really interest us.

Of course, we have helped film production in making profits and also against piracy. Because the money we pay to buy tickets will be an income for the film producer. Meanwhile, if we watch via streaming or buy pirated DVDs, of course, they will not get income from the sale of the DVD.

Somehow, this habit has a negative impact, especially for someone who is truly a movie maniac. These people, have an obsession to watch all the films shown in theaters shortly after their time, no matter what type of film. This is certainly dangerous because we might not be aware of how much money has been spent to satisfy our obsession.