How to bathe between people with each other certainly different, some people like to linger in the bathroom for various reasons, and partly just because of the importance of practicality bath only. Based on these two traits, the producers who produce toiletries such as shower also provides a variety of shower options according to the needs of users, one of which is a shower column. Here is how to choose shower as needed.

– Shower for Health.
The development of advanced technology makes the shower is not only used for practical toiletries, but the shower can be used to massage your shoulder or shoulder when bathing. How to shower to be able to massage your shoulder or shoulder is to use a powerful spray force, this type of shower technology is named as Body Jet. For someone who has a solid activity, then this shower is perfect for use so that your body becomes more relaxed.

– Temperature settings.
To cope with erratic weather, use a shower with a thermostat. So in the rainy season, you can set the water temperature. When using this shower should select the thermostat section that has a heat retardant material. It is intended that the skin does not blister when touching the thermostat.

– Water Shower Strength Spray.
The strength of the shower spray pattern is varied, be it a sprinkling of water like needles, fine sprays, and hard sprays. For those of you who are not used to lingering in the bathroom, you can choose to use the shower is swift, but for those of you who like to linger bath, you should use the shower with a fine spray do not use the shower with a spray swift. It aims to save your water performances.

– Shower Shape and Size.
The shape and size of the shower available are various, if the family members are still small then you can choose to use the Hand Shower type, where this type is easy to reach and make sure the shower buffer is at an easily accessible height by the whole family. When choosing to use the hanging shower, the ideal height location is 190 m to 200 cm.