Many ways are done by automotive lovers to protect the color of his car from the sun, dust or scratches. One with a wrapping sticker. In the meantime, perhaps you should also take a look at the recommended Oracal graphic films for your car.

Wrapping sticker is very simple. Behind varying colors, how to install it does not take long. Now, the installation of stickers like this not only serves to protect the paint but for fashion with various types of shapes and sizes.

The installation of stickers on the car, in addition to protecting the original paint, we can also freely change the color according to taste. Compared with painting or airbrush, it will take a long time and costly too, but remember, choose a quality sticker brand, because if not quality, the original paint will peel or striped.

The benefit of sticker installation is a lot but choose quality basic ingredients. Installation of quality stickers makes the appearance of the car look much more attractive and will be safer.

In addition, the installation of stickers to make the appearance of our car will be more elegant and eye-catching. For lovers of car modification, this is the most practical way. Because in addition to not consuming a lot of time, the installation of this sticker if you experience an error or bored, can be removed easily.

Although the sticker has many advantages, this technique also has some drawbacks, one of which is the possibility of damage to the part attached to the cycles, usually, this happens because the car has a re-paint, so the new paint comes up when removing the sticker.

Lots of sticker variants sold in the market, with sticker variants, colors, motifs, and more in accordance with your wishes. Surely recommended to choose a quality sticker, to keep the original color of your car paint. But everything goes back to the owner and the budget.