Make a list of priorities based on their importance, such as swimming pools, locations close to the beach, views (views), opportunities for rent, children’s facilities, and others. Then, determine what points can be eliminated. With limited funds, it is difficult to get all your wishes, so there must be things that need to be compromised. The top ranking of the priority list, usually ocean views, but properties with these characteristics are generally very expensive. In the meantime, perhaps you need to take a look at the visi-jabon as well.

Future Projection

Many buyers only see property conditions when making transactions, but do not see the future projections of the property. You must always think that the property you bought, will someday be sold.

In fact, if you do not intend to sell it in the near future, you also have to consider it, because your circumstances or needs can change at any time.

Many people buy when booming, tempted to buy a new property that looks good, but the shape is the same as the property around it.

This certainly enhances the potential of competition while reducing rental demand. For this reason, buying property with a unique and limited form must be a priority.

Regulatory Check

Note the rules of the country concerned. Choose a country with a stable macroeconomy. At the very least, if the current economic conditions are bad, going forward will improve. It should be noted, developing countries have greater price increases compared to developed countries.

Also, note the mortgage interest rates that apply in the country. Besides Australia, the United States is the country that provides the most convenience to foreign property investors.

In the United States, for example, they allow individual foreign investors to form business entities and open bank accounts. Thus, the income from the rental does not need to be directly transferred to your account in the country.