We must get quality backlinks when doing link building or off-page SEO. The goal is for our website to rank well on Google search results. But how are the characteristics of quality backlinks? Find out more by visiting https://www.submitcore.com/ right now.

– Derived from a Relevant Website
The first criterion of quality backlinks is coming from websites that are relevant to our web pages. How do you know whether a website is relevant or not with our website? There are several things that we can pay attention to know. First, see the title tag of the website page. Also, pay attention to the overall website topic. And of course, read whether the contents of his writing connect with the articles on our website.

– Using keywords in Anchor Text
Let’s say we have found a trusted website with relevant content. Next is to make sure the anchor text is used to link the page to our website. Ideally, use keywords on the backlink of the website.

– Not directed to the homepage
Quality backlinks are not directed to the homepage or the main page of our website, but to a specific page in it. This will affect the assessment of the relevance of backlinks to our website. As we know, generally the main page of our website contains various topics with lots of links. And nature is also dynamic because it often changes because of the updates we make. Therefore, getting a backlink directed to a certain page will be better.

– Must last a long time
The next criteria are to be durable. A good backlink must be as long as possible on the website that gives it. Links that only last for a short time or quickly disappear will reduce the ranking of our website. Therefore try to seek backlinks from website pages that are permanent. Most cases that occur are lost backlinks because the website domain that gave it has been expired and not extended. This missing link is also known as the broken link.