Traveling with ayahuasca is an opportunity for us to relax and unwind temporarily. According to some experts, traveling with ayahuasca is good for our mind, body, and soul. This is the reason why traveling ayahuasca is good for our health; According to Wallace J Nichols, on vacation, especially in a place close to water, can help us release emotions and increase empathy. Often associated with feelings of awe and amazement, water can increase our empathy and passion, improve relationships with ourselves and others. For musicians like Pharrell Williams and neurologist, Oliver Sacks, vacationing close to the element of water is a source of creativity.

Some people might consider holidays not a good opportunity to exercise. However, a traveler turns out to be more active than those who sit in his office every day. In addition, activities in new places, such as hiking, can also be tried. There are also several lodgings that provide a fitness center so that guests stay fit, even though they are away from home. Dr. Margaret J King, director of the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis, said that traveling has many benefits. The most prominent is stress relief. Many psychological changes occur when a person moves from his home or office to a “third place” that is unknown to experience a new experience. With less activity per day and freeing yourself from the complexity of work and relationships, the mind seems to be reset again, so does our body so that stress is gone.

Humans always want new things, and travel offers a complete package because they can see new faces, hear sounds and scenes that have never been seen before. Sleep deprivation associated with stress can have negative consequences that affect our cognitive abilities and efficiency. Max Hirshkowitz, Chair of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), said that holidays are an excellent opportunity to pay off our sleep debt.