Do you have the intention of becoming an entertainer in corporate entertainment? You can consider it because there are a lot of corporate events that require corporate entertainment. For those of you who have the ability like singing, storytelling, playing a musical instrument, the first step you must do is the promotion.

The current promotion is no longer in the form of person-to-person or advertising in newspapers. Places for promotion are much wider and easier. You just need to create a video or portfolio and pass it through the internet. Once uploaded, you can spread it all over the world. This can save you time and money.

This is the easiest and most powerful way to attract your video viewers through a social media account. We recommend using the same account name between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other social media you have. It is useful to build your Channel branding, other than that use an attractive profile photo. Install youtube links in each social media, and of course, do not passive with spread the link only. Occasionally invite the audience to discuss.

Another step is to post on the blog. The blog is one source of very good traffic, you do not need to create an expensive blog, just with Blogspot or WordPress is actually enough, but you should use the website to make it look more professional. Youtube itself has video embed facility, this feature is very easy for us if you want to put a video on the blog post. That way your video will appear in search engine google.

In addition to using the digital way, there is no harm in you using manual methods such as card spreads. Sometimes traditional ways such as business cards are also very effective if the first business cards only include names, jobs, and contacts like phone no and email, now it’s time to include our social media address. Well, there you can place the channel name as well as your youtube link.