In every sport, of course, there are rules that need to be followed. Not only the rules of the game of football or the rules of playing basketball, sports with the ball which also has its own rules is golf. This type of sport that looks exclusive can be played by anyone, of course. The playing location is also exclusive, which is to have a field with excellent grass conditions. Sure, bangkok golf is the best place to play golf in Bangkok with good field conditions. The choice of location also varies, you can choose according to your needs.

In every sport, it always starts with being a beginner. Likewise with golf. When you become a beginner golfer, there are rules of golf that need to be considered:

– The first hit starts from Teeing Ground
The first blow on the golf game always starts from teeing ground, but if the golf game has done is foursomes consisting of 2 teams with 2 people each, of course, the blow must be done alternately by each team member. Each team member needs to hit using just one ball from teeing ground with a type of golf punch called a tee shot.

– The fewest beating wins
In golf, the winner is the one who hits the least. The point here is that each player needs to put the ball into a hole where the number of blows must be at least. That is why every player is highly demanded to have good skills and also with a good feeling so that the direction of the ball runs perfectly. That way, the punch doesn’t need to be done many times.

– Walking for the Next Blow
Walking is something that golfers normally do, especially when they want to make the next hit. This proves that sport or golf is a relaxing activity so that to go to the next place of the blow can be quite a walk.