Fighting games may not be the most popular genre anymore, but there are still many gamers who love this genre. Next, please present the seven most exciting fighting games on Android and iOS. Starting from the battle of DC superheroes Injustice 2, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, to the Marvel Contest of Champions. Yes, the fighting genre game for Android and iOS follows offers stunning graphics. However, of course with simpler controls. In the meantime, check out the shadow fight 3 android game hack as well.

So, without further ado, here are 3 of the best fighting games on Android and iOS.

1. Injustice 2

Yes, besides being available for PCs and consoles, the fighting game Injustice 2 also landed blows on Android and iOS. Similar to the previous series, Injustice: Gods Among Us, the sequel presents a comfortable fighting game experience on a smartphone.

You can hit, backward, fend off attacks, until you release the ultimate move by just tapping on the screen. Injustice 2 falls into the category of mobile games with stunning graphics. The ultimate movements are able to be presented beautifully.

Injustice 2 can be downloaded for free, but it still contains in-app purchase items in the form of gems. These gems can later be used to open other characters.

2. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

It’s not unusual anymore, if there is an interesting film, game developers don’t waste it and work on it in the form of mobile games. Yes, that’s what happened to the remake version of Power Rangers.

Is Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, this nWay developer fighting game tells the story of the return of the eternal enemy of Power Rangers namely Rita Repulsa who in the story managed to infect Morphin Grid. It’s because of his actions, he managed to create virtual monsters and clones from Rangers.

3. Transformers Forged to Fight

Ahead of the release of the Transformers: The Last Knight movie on the big screen, Kabam has released the Transformers: Forged to Fight game for Android and iOS. As the name implies, this fighting game allows you to fight directly with other players.

You can play popular characters in Transformer, such as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, and Soundwave.