Stick golf is a favorite golfer object, a lot of money is spent looking for a stick that feels like it, continues to never end. There is no satisfaction even though a golfer already has a very expensive stick with even a famous brand. For a beginner, many buy sticks as they are, only because of friend or magazine suggestions, and even then many are wrong, only based on experience. What do you think about bangkok golf ?

Today’s golf stick is a technology tool, made with in-depth research, ranging from the selection of material types, aerodynamic, sweet spot, loft, shaft flexibility, MOI, and many other things. For golfers, if you are going to buy a golf stick, in addition to price considerations, there is a basic thing that must be known, which is a stick match with the character and skill of the player.

First, he knows how much swing speed is on average. Swing speed can be checked for example with the Vector Pro Launch Monitor tool. Our golfers don’t know, on average, no matter how much the swing speed is, because they don’t know where and how to check it and what it’s used for. Swing speed is closely related to shaft selection. Generally, Indonesian swing speeds range from 70-110 Mph, although there are also more. From the Driver Swing Speed ​​Chart table, those who swing speed are between 82-94 Mph then you should choose a Regular shaft, swing speed 94-106 Mph is better to use Stift Shaft (S), swing speed is 66-82 Mph using shaft A (Average / Senior), swing speed 45-66 Mph is more suitable with L/LL shafts (Lite or double Lite / generally lady).

Second, golfers need to know how much swing weight suits them. Swing Weight, which is a pendulum stick’s weight when swung. The swing weight size of a golf stick is given the value of magnitude with letters C, D, and E, and followed by numbers starting from 0-9, measured by a weight balancer. For example drivers with 45 inch length, shaft weight 55 gr, grip 50 gr, head weight 198 gr (total 304 gr) are stuck with swing weight D-0, drivers with a total weight of 310 gr, shaft length of 45 inches are D-1 , usually in the driver shaft (in the shop) it is written swing weight a stick.