The following described the application of the heater element (heater) according to its type and shape. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the industrial infrared heating as well.

1. Coil Heater

The bare shape (not enclosed by insulator or cartridge pipe) is suitable to heat the air, the heat generated directly in the transfers of the surrounding air, the installation of this heater using support (grip) with good electrical insulators and high heat resistance such as ceramics, mica, asbestos, fibro that, castable etc.

Suitable for use on electric stoves and ovens and furnaces where the indirect heating medium is concerned with this heater roll.


Coil (roll) Nicklin cast together with the same ceramic material. In this type of Heater is used as a source of radiation heat, where the surface of the ceramic coating serves as a reflector. This type of heater is widely used to heat the objects – products that are shiny surface such as on the drying of painting or staining, foam making, drying of screen printing results.

3. Silica & Infra fara Heater

 Coil or roll neckline inserted into the tube (pipe) of the material silica or black body ceramic in both ends in giving the bolt terminal as the power input power and then closed by the ceramic dop.

The second function of this type of heater is almost the same as an infrared heater, the installation is equipped with a reflector made of stainless steel or aluminum.


Heater of this type of heating element in the roll on ceramic bars, so the two terminals are on one side, then the roll is inserted into a tube made from Quartz (silica) with a milky white color and tube was given layer PVC / Teflon pipe pipe that serves as a protector quartz from collision with other objects while dipped into liquid to be heated.
The use of quartz heater is to heat the chemical liquid with a temperature that is not too high. such as on the work of electroplating, hardcore and others.


Tubular Heater is the most form of it, but can be classified according to the user, namely:

Shaped straight, U form, W forms multiform or over the side, the heater is used to heat air or fluid.