In the world of online marketing (especially SEO), this is often the case. Suppose a company spends a lot of time optimizing its own website, Website Here  but it turns out they are doing it the wrong way. Or someone in the online marketing industry makes a misnomer about SEO that makes the company look incompetent. In fact, many myths are mistaken about SEO. Beginners often blame the change of Search Engine Algorithm (Google) which is updated regularly. Even some people have mentioned that the update Google search engine algorithm is just a trick of Google’s side just to satisfy the advertisers in Google Adwords. Actually, blog webmaster tools have warned webmasters to optimize their website properly. One is a warning/ban on the practice of buying and selling links to others to get Page Rank (PR). It is important for you to use the best SEO services like SEO Johannesburg that will serve you with the best service and improve your company website ranking. But before we have to know the myth that is often mistaken.

Apparently quite a lot of SEO actors who think that social media has nothing to do with SEO. In fact, search engines provide special ratings on pages of websites that have elements of authority on social media. This is why then there is the term Social Search because social media and SEO are very closely related. An example we can see is the hard work done by Google in developing social media Google+ and Google Authorship. Relevant content coming from trusted sources (authorized authors) will greatly affect Google search results, and much-shared content on social media is more reliable. So, these (SEO and Social Media) are something that can not be separated. Google continues to update their algorithm, even some of these changes make many SEO player websites ‘sprawled’ even disappear from the Google search page. However, the changes made by Google on their algorithm, inbound links (backlinks) remains one of the factors determining the ranking of a website in the Google search engine. However, if you just focus on link building then it’s like digging ‘graves’ for your own website. Links to your website can indeed grow rapidly, but not necessarily with good quality.