Prophet Ibrahim took his family to Mecca, then by Allah’s order, he left his wife, Hajar, with his young son Ismail in the dry rocky valley. After several years Prophet Ibrahim returned to Mecca umrah packages . He saw that the valley had changed; there are already water sources, and there are people who live there with their wives and children, the Jurhum tribe. His son Ismail has grown and blended with the community. Mecca became a place for foreigners to stop and the light of religion appeared there. In the meantime, if you want to visit Mecca for Umrah, just try the umrah packages from a trusted travel company. Aside from that, you might want to try the excellent umrah packages from karachi if you want to visit Mecca to worship Allah.

After that, Prophet Ibrahim and Ishmael were ordered to establish or restore the state of Bait al-Haram as usual.

The command of Allah and the purpose of establishing his family in Mecca, the Prophet Ibrahim had fulfilled, he left the city by trusting him to his son Ismail.

The Period Between Prophet Ismail and Qushay (Quraysh)

The period of the Prophet Ismail

Prophet Ismail Peace be upon him lived for 130 years. In the span of a century, he experienced two marriages. The first wife of the Qathura tribe and the second from Jurhum. His father, Prophet Ibrahim, had come to the house of Prophet Ismail in Hijaz but they had not met at that time, Prophet Ibrahim only met the wife of this child. Hearing many complaints from the daughter-in-law, finally, Prophet Ibrahim ordered his son Ismail to divorce his wife. Then marry the Prophet Ismail with a woman from the Jurhum tribe.

Prophet Ismail was awarded 12 men from his marriage to the Jurhum woman. The children of Prophet Ismail were assigned to care for the Ka’bah, teach the Hajj rituals, and educate the pilgrims with the teachings of tawhid. Some say that these children are among the prophets but not the apostles.

After the death of Prophet Ismail, guarding Baitullah al-Haram was mandated to his son Nabit. After that, the historians disagreed over whether Nabit controlled this area until his death or he gave it to his uncles from the Jurhum tribe.