The clean water crisis is in the middle of the world. Reported by National Geographic, currently one in ten of the world’s population does not have access to clean water. Only less than 1 percent of the amount of water on our earth that can actually be consumed by living things. A number of natural resources that is visibly very limited are increasingly depressed by the growing population and various industries. As much as 99 percent more the amount of water on earth, is salt or frozen water that can not be used for drinking or bathing. Various forums observers of natural resources estimate that by 2030, 50 percent of humans will be in an immeasurable scarcity of water. The water crisis itself has become a global issue since the year 2012 ago. Unconsciously, this problem is in a complicated state and we need an immediate solution.

A simple chip has been created to change the seawater can be drunk directly. Technology is developing undeniably. Researchers have created a small tool capable of removing salt levels in seawater. Departing from the very limited supply of water in various countries, those from the University of Texas and the University of Marburg in Germany took the initiative to create a simple tool that turned out to be very useful. Named the water chip, shaped tiny and have a big impact. This tool is able to produce an electrical mini field that will desalinate sea water. The trick is to use the electric field, so the separation of salt with water will occur. If previously only able to eliminate 25% salt content alone, now claimed up to 99%.

There is also Tiny UV Water Purifier. Not until the count of hours, clean water can be generated in just 20 minutes. In fact, people who lack clean water supply are not just living in arid areas and much less isolated. Often this crisis infects those living in big cities. The solution to refine the drinking water supply is still long and costly. These are two obstacles that seek to be reduced or even eliminated in the future. Researchers at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory successfully developed a small black box UV water purifier. Although this gadget is still a prototype, still this tool will be needed the human in the future. The water purification process is usually up to 48 hours, with this can be trimmed only with 20 minutes only.