Currently, if you build a house, of course, you will also pay attention to the appearance of the house. Not only the material that is the foundation of the house but also the appearance that will be produced. One element that should not be forgotten about its appearance is the roof. You can use services from roofing contractors Arlington for installation or even proper roof handling.

For now, there are several types of roofs that are often used at home. Some types of roofs are often used because of their cool style and different looks. Some types are meant

– Minimalist House Roof Model with Extreme Steep
It is not uncommon to find a minimalist house roof model in the form of an extreme, such as a roof from not mounted concrete with a high slope. This design concept is used to raise ceilings with low ceiling types so that the air exchange inside the house is much healthier and not damp.

– Minimalist House Roof Model at Scandinavian House
Besides the skilion type, a minimalist house roof model for homes in the Scandinavian country is also a minimalist roof model that is modified from a conventional roof model. In this minimalist roof model, the roof is formed from one side with a gentle slope.
The roof that overhang was deliberately cut and replaced with a flat concrete. This minimalist home roof model is a fusion of two different design concepts namely, Scandinavian and minimalist.

– V-shaped Minimalist House Roof Model
This minimalist home roof model is known as a V-shaped roof, also known as the roof butterfly because it looks exactly like the flutter of a butterfly wing. Unlike minimalist house roof models in general, the overhangs are made down, the roof overhang is made facing up.

With some of these models, you can choose the right one for you and you can adjust it to the type of house that you will build.