Being overweight or obese is very dangerous for one’s health. Obesity will usually make many organs become sluggish in working and disrupt many systems in the body. For that, many people have to control their weight to avoid obesity. If you are one of them, then you can use the services of Dr. J Maani Bariatric Surgeon Sydney to handle this.

In addition, you also need to know what are the causes of obesity that can make your body healthy. The following are some of the causes of obesity in someone.

1. Lifestyle
Obesity can occur due to a person’s lifestyle, especially now that technological progress has developed rapidly so that in addition to having a positive impact on a person’s life but also has a negative impact. Sophisticated technology will make people lazy because everything can be done more easily without losing a lot of energy with sophisticated machines. For example, when people would wash clothes someone had to spend a lot of energy, now using a washing machine, someone just put the clothes in the washing machine and pressed the button in the washing machine.

2. Overeating
A person can be obese because of lack of ability to maintain their diet. Obese people will be more easily tempted on food than thin people. Thin people eat if they feel hungry or the body needs energy and nutrition. While obese people eat when there is a desire to eat, either the condition is hungry or not so that the food intake is too much in the body and this is what causes obesity.

3. Lack of exercise
People who lack movement or exercise can have a higher risk of obesity compared to people who are actively doing movements or sports. People who work by sitting and not moving so much should be balanced by exercising regularly with intensity once a week or twice at weekends, then this will help the body normalize the body and burn fat.