Wondering what it’s like to stay in a five star luxury hotel? Have you visited http://www.boulevardbangkok.com/; the site that provides information about the hotel option. Hotels that are subscribed to important people, until this artist clearly has luxury in every corner. The facilities that are served are also first class. Who knows that one day you will have the opportunity to spend the night in a hotel with tens of millions.


Five star hotels are always fitted with fancy restaurants. Rows of forks and spoons, as well as many types of glass sometimes make a shrink. Take the time to learn this briefly, can also through Youtube. Do not hesitate also to ask the waiter about the menu served. It’s no secret, fancy restaurants usually use the names of menus that are difficult to understand. Make sure you bring formal clothes to eat here. Not a few restaurants that apply the rules of formal clothing above 6 o’clock.

Recognize the function of each towel

In the usual place of stay, have provided a towel for the bath as part of the hotel amenities. But unlike the five-star hotel. There will be five kinds of towels for one guest. From the smallest to clean the face, to the widest for the bath. There are also towels for the hand, in contrast to those used to dry the hair. Finally, there is bath mat, which is a towel cloth that is used as a doormat or footwear so as not to slip after bathing. The rule, if you want a waiter to replace it with a new one, leave the towels on the floor.

Find out what facilities are available

In accordance with the star, the facilities obtained clearly different from ordinary hotels. Pay attention to the booklets that are usually provided in each room. An explanation of what facilities are available for free, such as the hotel pool, gym, to the sauna room. Feel free to ask in advance if you want to use one of them. Do not let the wrong choice and make you bankrupt because it does not include free facilities provided.