If previously broadcast streaming on Youtube needs to be done using Google Hangouts, now we no longer need to do it with a different platform. YouTube Creator Studio, a feature that is now owned by YouTube has a menu to make Live Streaming contents directly.

Are you feeling curious? follow these brief tips:

1. Verify your YouTube account

After entering the Live Streaming menu on the Youtube Dashboard, first, you have to do is verify your YouTube account. That is by entering your smartphone number, which later Google will send the code for your input when verifying your YouTube account.

2. Setup Encoding

After verifying, you must setup encoding. This is needed to adjust the content to the YouTube system so that it can be uploaded and directly broadcasted. To setup Encode, we need an encoding application. One example is Xplit Broadcaster.

3.Authorize Account

After that, you will be asked to authorize the YouTube account that you want to use to broadcast Live Streaming. Select the Broadcast menu, then select the setting icon in the right corner.

Select Authorize, then enter the Gmail address you used for your YouTube account.

4. Camera Setting

Select the camera device that you will use. If you use a laptop or notebook, the camera will automatically appear in the dialog box.

5. Setting Audio

Audio settings are needed for voice input that you will broadcast via your live broadcast. To set audio options, you can choose the Tools menu> General Settings.

Then the General Settings window menu appears. There you can choose the input and output that you will use. There is a microphone for broadcast, here we use XOX ES102 devices. In addition, there is also a volume setting and so on.

6. Start Live Streaming

After successfully doing the camera and audio setup, the next step is to start streaming. Return to the Broadcast menu, select the ‘Play’ menu.

Finally, just click ‘Start Broadcast’, then you have successfully broadcast live streaming via YouTube.