When it comes to promotional products, will you choose T-shirts that you make with the screen printing process? If you answer yes, try to find out more here. In the Internet era today, certainly not a difficult thing to find a reference design for your company’s promotional shirts. Be careful if you intend to take the design from the internet because of a lot of t-shirt designers who have protected the copyright law. there is a demanding third party because the results of his work are considered stolen by you.

It is better to ask for help from the expert graphic designers in making the right design for your promotional shirt, to avoid the case of theft of design, and the result would be a maximum. Overall, in the design selection whether it is the model or the attribute of the shirt, please pay attention to the following:
Color selection; either the color of t-shirts or colors used in the design of images that will be screened/embroidered should be aligned with colors that can represent and reflect the vision, mission, image, or type of company. While for the color selection is a good idea consulted with the manager/company owner.

Color selection can also be tailored to the company budget. Especially for the color of jersey material used. Young T-shirts are usually cheaper than old color. While the most expensive are usually special colors like maroon, navy, and misty ashes.

Adjust the design with a defined budget. In the case the company budgets are minimal, then try to choose a model that is not too complicated with the attributes of silk screening/embroidery that is not too big. Specific for screen printing, the number of colors used can also affect the price. Customize the design of promotional shirts with the nature / needs of shirts tersebut.contoh: for official event shirts such as seminary t-shirts, selectable models of collared shirts. Another thing that is not less important is to adjust the shirt design with the conditions and weather where the shirt is used. Whether it will be used indoor or outdoor? In hot or cold weather?