The key function has a function as a housekeeper. If the lock is broken then home security becomes a guarantee. A broken key can make a person has trouble. Thing that makes a door or lock that is jammed or difficult to open, among others, the entry of foreign objects or anything into the house lock or rust on the door lock system. How to open a jammed door without having to break it is to use a minus screwdriver and a hammer or any object of metal that is quite thin and can be at the end of the tip. Then, look for the door hinges and then provide the lubricant in the open gap. Tap or hinge with a hammer until all the bolts are open and the hinges detached from their home. If you want to repair broken keys, you can rely on locksmiths247 services.

The loose door handle may be caused because the L screw pin is not installed or the installation is incorrect. Here’s how to handle the loose door handles First, remove the door handle or lock house from the door. Second, observe the damage, if it looks damaged, broken, worn or loose, plug the iron door handle to the keyhole. Third, insert the metal plate in the cracks between the connecting iron with the inner side of the keyhole on the doorknob. Fourth, make sure the metal plate is tightly squeezed in the cracks and the connecting iron does not sway anymore. Fifth, replace the door handle and move it. When working properly, the door handle is not damaged anymore.

Generally, people will think to break it down. But how can it be broken if you are in the house? As strong as any door is very difficult to open because the direction of smashed always opposite to the direction of open the door. Some people think of damaging the handle and the door lock. But unfortunately, you are not an expert to tinker with the carpentry tools, so do not know how to damage it to open the door.