When the cover letter is neat, interesting, complete with information and ready to be sent to the company that you are applying to, your next expectation is, of course, to get a call. However, the increasing number of competitors makes it difficult for your company to glance at. Every day large companies, for instance, such as Kyani that already has approximately 5000 employees, receive hundreds to thousands of application letters. If you do not have the experience, the ability to the right personality, you might not expect you will be ogled by a large company.

Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you persuade the company to be interested in hiring you. Some of the tips are as follows:

1. Utilize Social Media With Exactly

Social media today can be considered a means to “show off”, there is a showcase something with a positive and some are negative. The empowerment of social media facilities can be an appropriate alternative for you to do your self-promotion to the company. In the profile section of your account, you can add work experience, alma mater, or other personal matters that may interest the company to contact you. Do not forget to include contacts that can be contacted at any time. Why go through social media? Because today, many HR departments are looking for prospective applicants through social media.

2. Update Curriculum Vitae (CV)

This document called curriculum vitae (CV) is very useful for job applicants to summarize the achievement or achievement, work experience, rewards, whatever is earned during the work. It also allows companies to see what competencies and skills you have. Try to keep updating the CV every time you do something big or after getting an achievement. This is to anticipate the existence of CV request for job application on the spur of the moment. So you are not in a hurry in arranging it and so neatly seen by others.