Choosing a battery for a boat or turning on the engine does require precision. Even though there are many recommendations from the internet and you can visit anytime, asking questions that are not more important than going home brings disappointment. Even though not everyone understands motorcycle batteries specifically for the marine industry. Battery motors are usually used on cars or motorbikes, so that people understand more because they are used in everyday life. For those of you who are still beginners in understanding boat batteries, here are three of the most frequently asked questions:

– Is this type of battery waterproof?
Special batteries for ships are equipped with the latest AGM technology that is waterproof. But electricity and water is not a good combination, so it is still advisable to put it in a dry place or cover it with a protective box. Water can cause battery damage. There are many online shops that sell special protective boxes for this type of battery. Make sure you choose the right size.

– Can a car battery be used in a battery trolling motorbike?
The answer is: yes, you can use it as long as the car battery has 12-volt power, as used for boat batteries. However, car batteries usually do not have the same usage duration as a boat battery. The car battery is designed to have a lot of power to start the engine at the start. While the boat battery does not require initial power. Important instructions in choosing a boat battery are Ah and CCA. So check Ah and CCA before buying batteries for cars or boats.

– What will happen if I connect a connector with the wrong polarity?
In the worst case, you create a short circuit which results in a short circuit. But usually, this type of battery has protection if it is connected with the wrong polarity so nothing will happen. If connected with the wrong polarity, try again to install according to the instructions given. If you experience difficulties, you can bring it to the manufacturer to check for damage.