If your team is having a trouble with their coach, and it has cost your team a huge defeat in the last tournament, perhaps it’s a good time for you to make a peace with your coach and start to listen to him Jon Hughes MN. If he really is a skilled and experienced person in the field, you can expect that his suggestions and training can actually be very effective and rewarding, although sometimes his commands might sound ridiculous in the ears of your teammates. Fortunately, the experienced and talented coaches like Jon Hughes MN might share the same problems. The era of their basketball days can be quite different with ours, and the difference in age can make the methods or the way the coach train his team might sound quite unreasonable sometimes.

However, this happens usually with the team which consists young players, especially those who still have a high level of ego within their minds. So perhaps it’d be a wise decision for the respected member of the team, especially the captain to try to reunite the team and trust the matter of strategy for the coach. It’s true that his words can be quite confusing, especially if his golden days of basketball is many years before you guys even start to dribble on the field.

Nevertheless, this can be a classic insight of playing basketball that your coach might be able to share with your team. His old methods may sound a bit dull and funky at times, but if there aren’t many other teams today that will have the luxuries to know the classic yet effective methods, you bet those methods that your old coach can give you might be able to bring your team to victory. On the other hand, aside from his experience, with ages will come more wisdom. So despite the fact that he can be old and his way of talking to your teammates can be quite inconvenient for you guys to hear, at least give your coach a chance and try to listen to him properly, and it’s probably going to work very well for your team in the next tournament.