We are surrounded by systems, and life revolves around them and relies on them inevitable work. The cars (or motorcycles) we drive, the computers we use and the human bodies we live in, are all brilliantly smooth and complicated systems that we use every day. We expect them to work suspected and consistent every time we use them. Imagine your business running smoothly and consistently as another system you rely on in your life! Imagine people who have an amazingly amazing and extraordinary experience, whenever they come into contact with your business.

It will definitely produce a bottom line improvement, not to mention the impact it will have on your life, and that employees, suppliers, customers, lenders and investors. Every process in your business process, even your creative, has a certain pattern that can be observed, increased in later developed into a business system. You can see the system has the potential to silence your creativity, but the effect of using a well-developed system is quite the opposite (especially for the creative process). The steps required for research, writing then releasing this article are all tasks in a well-developed business system. The system is scheduled and reminds me that it is time to write another article. The tasks are set in sequence and contain specific details for whatever is required. I follow the task, my energy concentrate on the most important part, the creative output of the article content.

The system frees me from having to remember or rediscover the process of article writing and ensure that I complete the process consistently as scheduled with the most time devoted to the creative process. The true value of business systems comes after they have been developed and perfected. At this point, you can either continue to operate such business systems, assign tasks to others in your business or outsource the work. The work that needs to be done in your business will continue to be resolved as defined in your business system. Managers in your business can then monitor the results of a system that ensures that work is completed on time with required quality and consistency.