The proverb says ‘a little at a time to become a hill’. This proverb applies to all things including debt. If there are people who often postpone paying credit debts to you even though the nominal is only small but often, then it will be a bad habit that will continue. Debt once or twice is permissible, but also the picky person, not just anyone. Make sure you are close and have full access to collect debts on people who owe the credit. Aside from that, perhaps you need to visit bayar sesuai yang anda pakai and check out a way of turning your cellular credits into money.

Make bookkeeping out of money

This is a small thing that is often underestimated by many people. Do not underestimate the bookkeeping, because if you do not record any money you get from selling credit and what are your expenses related to your sales counter business, then you will never know exactly how much profit you get. It could be a loss, but you are not aware because there has never been something like a money in and out a notebook that makes you aware.

Give discounts or attractive promos

Occasionally to attract buyers, have a unique promo or at least a discounted price discount to the buyer. Examples of promos that can be given, for example, buy a $ 100 free credits of $ 5 credits. If you want to give a discount, it may be that the origin is not excessive and makes you lose. Don’t forget to calculate the initial, net, gross capital and so on.

Choose an anti-jam credit operator

This is the most important element of the most important. Service is the most digital thing in a business. Imagine if the credit and quota do not enter the buyer number, then the buyer protests against you, you who don’t know anything about the invisible credits path will be confused, right? It’s a cheap price if you find that the incoming credit only has a delay. Especially if it fails, it has been a day and night waiting for the credits or data plan not entered. Status failed but the balance has been cut off without clarity. Do not let such an event occur, you will be greatly harmed. Choose affordable and quality credit operators.