Taking the advantage of messenger applications to Chat with Arabs can be a good thing to do. For some people have a penchant for chatting with friends through cyberspace. In fact, not infrequently there are spent all day just to chatting with a close friend or anyone who is considered fun to talk to. This can be a smart way to learn arabic online. We also suggest you visit our website and we will help you to learn Arabic in a fast and easy way.

Well, there’s nothing wrong you use this habit to train your Arabic. You can make friends with Arabs and start a chat with them. But you should find the same kind of friend just to keep the slander does not happen.

Do not forget also before you chat further, you pass it to the opponent that you are a non-Arab and can only speak standard Arabic (fushah). This is to tackle the Arabs we are talking to not using Arabic Aamiyah (regional accent) is very difficult for us to understand.

– Install Arabic Application

If you are a smartphone user you can install some features or applications related to learning Arabic. Whether it’s an offline app or an online app like google translate.

You also need to install an Arabic keyboard either on your computer or smartphone. This will make it easier for you when you want to write Arabic letters when chatting or other online activities related to the Arabic language.

– Learning Arabic Through Youtube

Learning the Arabic language can be very hard for some people, and you may think that this language can only be learned from the proper course. It’s true, but you definitely be able to do the online Arabic learning either from a course or from the YouTube.

For those of you who have a fast internet connection plus enough internet quota. You can take advantage of youtube to learn Arabic online. But vice versa for those of you who have poor and limited internet access may only bite the fingers to feel the pleasure of learning in front of YouTube channel.