Do you suffer from the gastric disease? Have you treated your gastric disease? If you answered “yes” to the first answer and answered “no” to the second question, then be careful! Because the gastric disease is a dangerous disease. On that basis, then whoever you are as long as you are still suffering from gastric disease, then immediately do the real action in order to cure the disease gastric disease that you experience. One of them is with juice. Kunjunfgi our website to get masticating juicer reviews.

Here are some types of juice that can be used for people with gastric disease:

1. Papaya juice

The first fruit juice recipe for the gastric disease is papaya juice. In general, papaya fruit can be consumed instantly. However, to be more delicious and useful, then consume papaya fruit juice at least once for 1 hour after meals. Because the papaya fruit has a compound to launch food supplies in the area of digestion. So that your stomach is safe from gastric disease.

2. Avocado juice

Fruit juice for the second gastric disease is avocado juice. Avocado fruit belonging to the type of fruit that has multi compound content. Because the avocado has a complete compound than other fruits. Some avocado compounds that are useful for treating the gastric disease are vitamin A, B complex and vitamin E.

3. Banana juice

The third fruit juice is banana juice. Bananas contain ideal potassium. Potassium itself is a substance that is needed by the body as a means of reducing the acidity in the stomach.

4. Guava

Fruit juice to treat gastric disease (Read: gastric disease) the fourth is guava juice. The benefits of guava juice are relatively the same as papaya juice. Because fruit juice is so qualified to fortify your digestion from the creation of the body’s natural internal acid.