The use of camera dashboards in cars is now starting to grow rapidly. In addition to simply capturing the moment when driving, the camera dashboard is also useful if things happen that are not desired on the road, such as an accident on the road, hit by a truck, or even robbed in a parking area. Records stored on the camera dashboard will be proof when you take care of reports to the authorities or when you want to make an insurance claim. If you really plan to install the best front and rear dash camera in your car, then you should first know various types of dashboard cameras first.

One of the best-known camera dashboards is the Z-Edge which produces the best cameras and images on the market. Even you can get a single and multi-channel in a single camera package. This trend continues with S3 dashboard cameras that provide some of the best available resolutions. The rear camera also records solid 1080p resolution, not forgetting the front camera that records impressive 1440p ultra HD. The good side is that S3 also uses WDR which can help lighten low light on images even it offers low-light image quality with solid night time.

Vehicle K6000 DVR Blackbox is also a user’s favorite. This dashboard camera is claimed to be able to record video with full HD 1080p resolution with an image capture angle of 120 degrees. This camera even has a sensor that will activate automatically when the indicated car is in a dangerous condition, such as being forced open, or having an accident even if it only makes brakes suddenly. Actually now you don’t need to be afraid of your vehicle’s security anymore. Especially if you experience things you don’t want as long as you get a trip. This dashboard camera can be an alternative choice for you to get the security that is worth the price of the car you bought.

In addition, the dashboard camera also increases the effectiveness of your alertness as a driver to be careful while you are traveling.