Decking is a wooden floor made outdoors and outdoors, such as a terrace, a floor next to a swimming pool, a pier and so on. And like wooden or parquet floors made in space, decking can also bring a more beautiful and natural impression on the exterior where this element is made. Meanwhile, perhaps it’d be a good idea for you to check out to find the best decking materials online.

Because it feels outside the room and more often exposed to exposure to hot sun or rainwater that often makes wet, the wood used to make decking floor should have better quality and have stronger endurance and have hard properties or hardwood.

Currently, there are wooden stores and building materials that provide special wood materials to make floor decking. The form there are various. There is even a shop that sells wooden decking that the top surface is given ornament and decoration of certain styles and have a more attractive appearance. So there is no harm in making decking as one alternative choice to make the exterior floor apart from cast concrete or paving blocks.

As for the installation technique, the first thing to do is to level the land or land first. Then followed by making the foundation of cast concrete. Altitude tailored to the needs. Cor concrete can be given poles which are also made of wood or ferrous metal. After that, each foundation or buffer is connected and put together with the wood mounted on it horizontally.

The distance between the buffer should be adjusted to the size of the wood used. If the distance is too far, it can cause the wood to create a lit that appears when the floor is stepped on. This can make the floor decking strength less if you hold a heavier load. As a result, wood floor decking can be easily broken.