Eating with friends and relatives is a very pleasant moment. Especially if it is equipped with a delicious roasting dish. To serve grilled dishes that are tempting, we don’t just rely on cooking skills, but we also have to choose the right BBQ Grill or grill, to maximize the results of the grill that you want to serve. So, how to choose the right BBQ Grill? When it comes to selecting the best Paradise Grills, the following are things you can take into consideration.

1. Charcoal Grill
Charcoal Grill is a grill with a source of heat coming from charcoal. It takes a long time to bake barbeque using this tool because the temperature of the heat produced is not high and the ingredients that are baked do not directly come into contact with heat sources, however, with this slow cooking technique, the baked ingredients will actually feel more moist and soft. In addition, the results of this grill have a distinctive aroma that comes from charcoal smoke. In terms of choice of types, now charcoal grills are available in a variety of shapes at relatively affordable prices. For treatment steps, you should be diligent in cleaning this charcoal grill so that no remaining food marks remain.

2. Gas Grill
Gas Grill is a hot grill that comes from burning gas. Unlike Charcoal Grill; with this gas grill, we only need a relatively short time to ripen the food ingredients, because you can adjust the temperature as needed. Food ingredients processed by the gas grill also have their own characteristics. High heat temperatures and direct contact between food ingredients and heat sources make the caramelization process which can be seen from the appearance of brownish strokes on the surface of roasted meat or vegetables. The grill will feel juicier because the juices are stored properly inside. Currently, there are very many choices of gas grills with a variety of uniqueness. This type of grill tends to be easier to use and clean. If you don’t like too much smoke, the gas grill is very suitable for use because it produces less smoke.